Nanowac commenced its activities in the construction way back in 1995. The company was formed after a huge experience of working on field and to deliver the best to the construction industry in all ways. The company fore sighed to find all type of solution in waterproofing works using latest technological advancement emerging in this field. As viewed and framed, the company formed started to serve the construction industry.

To date the company has done a lot of reward winning work assigned to it with appreciation from contractors, builders, architects, consultants and owners from all section of the construction industry. Nanowac find solution for all type of water leakage and treats the leakage differently which any other waterproofing company can’t do.


Nanowac Waterproofing System is leading the global market in the on-going research and development of unique and innovative formulas.

Our Laboratory has created a unique micro size-molecular formula based on particles so minute that millions of particles can be gathered onto the tip of a pin. A micro-molecule is so small and easy to penetration into the inner of the concrete.


Vegetated roofing is one of the most exciting developments in sustainable building design. Depending on load capabilities and other application-driven requirements, green roofs can be planted with herbs, grasses, flowers, even trees, in an exciting variety of colors, textures, scents and heights.


Plaza decks are located at or above grade level. They are public areas accessible to pedestrians and in some cases vehicles. They may cover valuable commercial or office space, storage or mechanical areas, or parking.

Plaza decks require special attention since they hold water for a period of time after precipitation, and the waterproofing system is buried under the overburden making repairs challenging and costly.


Proper waterproofing of tunnels is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the useful life of these structures and enhance safety.

Nanowac’s vinyl tunnel membranes meet critical Asian design standards and have been test-certified according to the NEAT material standard for membrane resistance to a 100-year aging performance. 

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